5ml Mood Range: 10% Full Spectrum CBD & CBG

5ml Mood Range: 10% Full Spectrum CBD & CBG


Size: 5ml

Total CBD: 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD

100% Natural Ingredients


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TLE has an incredible collection of CBD tinctures which target specific receptors in order to create a desired effect! The cannabinoids terpenes, flavonoids and omegas which make up this magnificent plant help formulate our Mood range:

• Sleep: Feel well rested with our “Sleep” CBD tincture, feel fresh and active everyday.

• Focus: Our “Focus” CBD tincture aids the subconscious to remain alert and ready to go!

• Relax: Get ready to feel positive! Our “relax” tincture will give you a sense of relief, say good bye to anxious and stressful feelings!

• Energize: Get your body ready for the gym by taking a drop of “Energize”. Our tincture will promotes muscle flexibility and aids your body in your workout.

• Regenerate: Targets your muscles in order to reduce inflammation and help with muscle recovery.

Our locally grows organic hemp is rich in locally grown hemp is rich in CBD & CBG with full-spectrum cannabinoids providing all the essential compounds that bring your body into homeostasis. We offer a range of concentrations depending on your personal preferences. 

*Dosage plans are available on request. Always consult your doctor if taking any medication or if you have any allergic reactions do not continue with the use.

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Energize, Focus, Regenerate, Relax, Sleep