We are TLE

Our CEO, Clare began TLE with the inspiration and motivation to assist people on their journey to wellness with the help of this magical plant. TLE was founded in the province of Malaga, Spain with the core belief to produce a range of elite superior organic products crafted with precision which deliver all the amazing benefits of the Hemp plant.

At TLE, all our products are formulated with the utmost precision and care to ensure we don’t lose any benefits of the plant. Our locally organic hemp plants are grown to the highest-quality standards, and have been selected for their cannabidiol content and consistently low THC content (0.2% or less). The taste of our oils is therefore more earthy than other brands, as they retain all of the essential terpenes, flavonoids and non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids—what we like to call “organic flavours”.

This started with a dream when we discovered the amazing benefits of reintroducing the hemp plant back into society, to change the stigma attached to this ancient miracle crop …. Hemp can be used to address the many issues that face us today. By sowing hemp, we can reduce environmental pollution, by building with it we can improve the quality of living, and by consuming it we can improve our overall wellbeing. TLE is a brand that truly cares about quality the environment and its customer’s. We hope you enjoy the product as much as we did creating them.