Our carefully crafted organic hemp products contain the full spectrum cannabinoids so you receive the full benefits of the plant.

Our unique formula has all the cannabinoids that are needed to help improve sleep build up your immune system, improve skin tones, reduce inflammation and most importantly helps relives stress. This formula has CBD and a high amount of CBG which is another hugely important cannabinoid that our scientists has proved helps improves the signs of aging!

Introducing these uniquely developed hemp products into your life can truly impact your homeostasis improving your overall well being. Bringing harmony to your mind body and soul.

Ancient Tradition meets cutting edge science

Finding a team that truly understands your mission is the most important factor in creating an amazing product. We work closely with our farmers and I often go to the farm personally to check the flowers. The farmers and myself choose the finest to go to production to be used by our scientists to produce the exquisite tinctures we offer with our unique quality. Every batch is laboratory tested by EU standards ensuring the best quality and consistency.

Customer Care

Our commitment and passion to bring the finest quality organic hemp products remain our ultimate goal. We ensure our customers that every care has been take to follow the plants growth from seed to final product guaranteeing that our elite tincture has been treated with the love and respect that it deserves resulting in a luxurious organic product that we can be truly proud of. Our scientists are continuously working on improving quality and the development of new products to help treat different causes.


TLE.2018 are at the forefront of change in the hemp industry. We are pioneering to develop products that essentially will change people’s lives for the better. To promote the benefits of not only using hemp for restoring our health and well being but to also reintroduce hemp as part of our infrastructure to make this the commodity of the future. This plant can potentially help save the world from climate change and pollution! We love hemp!


Through the latest scientific research there is now a huge amount of evidence to support the fact that the cannabinoids in the hemp plant resemble the endocannabinoids that are present in the human body. The cannabinoids in the plant react to help restore balance with our eco system by sending messages to the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are responsible for how we feel emotionally, our hormone balance and our immune system. It basically can affect the entire body this is why when we start to the consume the tincture we feel better our overall senses improve and emotional welfare is restored.

Scientific research indicates that many of the symptoms suffered by us today are caused by our environment. We are constantly on the go in our everyday lives our mobiles giving access to us 24 hours a day … more pollution increasing the pressures on our systems therefore increasing the amount of stress on our bodies and minds. The cannabinoids in the hemp plant can help reduce the effects of these symptoms and a number of other more serious diseases.

The cannabinoids in the hemp plant are structurally similar to the endocannabinoids that are in our bodies. These compounds are produced to communicate between cells and promote and restore well being.

Results have revealed that symptoms and illnesses occur when there is a deficiency in our endocannabinoid system. The main function of the endocannabinoid (ECS ) is to maintain homeostasis. The Cannabinoids in the plant bind to a number of different receptors sites that are found throughout the body, these have a different effect according to what receptors they bind too and how they interact. This will affect each and everyone in a different way as we are all unique.

The most well know receptors are known as CB1 and CB2 and these are the primary receptors in the ECS system. The CB1 receptor points are found throughout the brain and central nervous system and the CB2 receptors are concentrated in the soft tissues and in the peripheral immune system.

CB1 helps regulate cardiovascular effects, nueroinflammation and degeneration, metabolism and digestion, bone mass, hormone balance, neuronal development, learning and memory. The CB2 receptor regulates neurodegenerative diseases, addictions, stress response, allergies and autoimmune system, inflammation, osteoporosis, and chronic pain.

As the cannabinoids in the hemp plant bind to theses receptors studies have indicated that the reaction of these certain cannabinoids can reduce inflammation. The CB1 receptors when bound with the phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids) patients have felt benefits with anxiety and sleep improvement. We have testimonials that prove this and in even extreme cases. The full spectrum of cannabinoids interacts with the CB2 receptors in different ways which can have a number of significant health benefits, one of those is stress which undoubtedly triggers a number of other sever health problems.

Full spectrum hemp is a combination of the most powerful therapeutic compounds of the plant and has had amazing results in clinical trials for symptoms such as inflammation, antioxidant, nueroprotectant, and antidepressant to name a few.

Through our own research and results from studies carried out in California there is a huge amount of evidence to show that whole plant extracts can actually cause a reduction in the size of tumours in cancer patients and in some cases actually puts the cancer into remission. We are currently sharing information and data regarding the effect of full spectrum hemp oil with autism and severe epileptic sufferers.

As we all know everyone is unique and therefore these different cannabinoids effect our body in different ways. Depending on the symptoms being treated, by using the tincture it will help to ease them and how the cannabinoids react will on each and every individual. We recommend that you start in small doses and see how your body reacts and tailor to your needs.





A drop placed under the tongue or put directly onto the skin and can be recommended to take for a variety of conditions. Its unflavoured and slightly bitter due to its retention of organic properties and not being over processed retaining all of the benefits which are usually lost with other methods of oil extractions.

We recommend to take it with something if you do not like the taste … for example with a shot of ginger or some fruit. This can also be added to any soups smoothies or shakes.


TLE ELITE ORGANIC HEMP 500MG CBD CBG CAPSULES: 30 capsules one recommended per day or as deemed necessary

These are recommended to be used for ease of use. They are beautifully crafted to be taken once a day in the evening or in the morning depending on the client’s requirements.


This beautifully crafted cream enriches and nourishes the skin whilst penetrating the dermal layers which can possibly heal a number of skin conditions and reduce inflammation. This can be applied topically to infected areas to reduce the symptoms.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful elite organic hemp oil range as much as we do and look forward to supplying you with many other of our beautifully crafted products as our range continues to grow. Our customer’s opinions are of the utmost importance for us in terms of medicinal health research and product development.

Thank you again for choosing TLE:2018 working towards a sustainable future with belief in the leaf.

Changing people’s opinion about the hemp industry is the most difficult challenge I face everyday. Raising awareness of the benefits of hemp is the only way to make a difference. Let’s help change people’s opinion on this miracle plant and it’s amazing environmental and health benefits. The Leaf Elite is currently featured in Marbellas Society Magazine November issue. Read the article here.