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Our Products

We have personally tried every product – and so have our friends and family! Everything we offer is not only effective, but serves a purpose in our daily wellness routines, enhances our senses, and nourishes our minds and bodies.

TLE’s Values

Finding a team that truly understands your mission is the most important factor in creating an amazing product. We work closely with our farmers and I often go to the farm personally to check the flowers. The farmers and myself choose the finest to go to production to be used by our scientists to produce the exquisite tinctures we offer with our unique quality. Every batch is laboratory tested by EU standards ensuring the best quality and consistency.


Our commitment and passion to bring the finest quality organic hemp products remain our ultimate goal. We ensure our customers that every care has been take to follow the plants growth from seed to final product guaranteeing that our elite tincture has been treated with the love and respect that it deserves resulting in a luxurious organic product that we can be truly proud of. Our scientists are continuously working on improving quality and the development of new products to help treat different causes.

TLE Massage Oil

The process of receiving a CBD massage is unique and incomparable to a normal massage. The receptors in the skin respond to the cannabinoids which help rejuvenate the body. CBD massages are highly recommended for anti-inflammation, antioxidants, and anti-anxiety. Using CBD massages on a regular basis will truly help you feel more relaxed and energized, ready for any challenge!

Words cannot describe the experience of a CBD Massage, get ready to instantly start feeling better!

TLE Hemp Products

Enjoy the premium hemp delights with this fabulous Hemp protein powder and seeds. Increase the amount of protein, fibre and nutrients in your meals and everyday life. This can be easily added to your daily routine to increase your vitality and improve your well-being.

The hemp seeds have been cold-pressed to remove the oil, and then traditionally stone-grounded at low temperatures to protect all of their raw nutritional goodness.

A spoonful added to your shake, pancake or bread recipe will give you the additional protein your body needs. 

Our Certifications

Greenway DNA X TLE

TLE is proud to present our DNA testing kit!

We bring our customers the knowledge of their own endocannabinoid system, based on their personal genetic information.

What do we with that info?

This information gives us insights as to their potential response to a particular dose regimes of phytocannabinoids. Aiding in relief from conditions like: pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. Patients are recommended to take the test once a month to see progress.

Our aim for the industry!

The Leaf Elite is at the forefront of change in the hemp industry. We are pioneering to develop products that essentially will change people’s lives for the better. To promote the benefits of not only using hemp for restoring our health and well being but to also reintroduce hemp as part of our infrastructure to make this the commodity of the future. This plant can potentially help save the world from climate change and pollution! We love hemp!